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Engineering Analytics

  • SolidPro’s big data insights and business analytics have helped companies increase competitiveness, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and effectively trade off risk against opportunities. We have enabled international companies to make new product design decisions, dramatically reduce, or even eliminate downtime, enhance workforce productivity, revolutionize service support, and engineer new revenue models.

Engineering Analytics

  1. Business Analytics

    Marketing Analytics Customer Analytics Supply Chain Analytics

  2. Services & Techniques:

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Big Data Analytics Data Visualization

  3. Consulting Services

    Study of existing processes, infrastructure, and systems Identification of storage means and data sources Define of engineering problems and business implications Connectivity consultancy, IoT

  4. Data Engineering

    Data preparation Data mining – structuring, storing, cleaning Definition of KPI Comprehensive approach to application of analytical modelling /statistical

  5. Analytics Modelling

    Creating an analytical model Use live data sets to improve accuracy, efficiency and refining the model

  6. Validation&Testing

    Verify Model accuracy by Deployment of model on live systemMonitor, evaluate, and fine-tune model to align with predictable outcomes

  7. Deployment & Business Operations

    Productize data model Provide business insights for service support and new revenue models, product R&D, operations, process improvements etc,.

  8. Our Approach

    Business Requirements Analytics Design Data Processing Dashboards

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