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The internship / job position for which you applied defines the type of tasks that you will be assigned during your tenure with SolidPro. The specific terms of reference will be discussed with during the interview process.

Candidates are allowed to submit up to 3 applications in a calendar year from their first application date. If you haven’t applied to 3 roles within the year, there is no hold on when you’re able to apply again.

We recommend waiting 6-12 months before reapplying in order to improve your skills and experience and maximize your hiring potential.

SolidPro receives hundreds of applications each day. Once your application has been reviewed, a member of the hiring team may get in touch. We may not reach out to you if the skills listed on your resume don’t align to our open roles.

Yes, if you have a designated point of contact in the hiring process, reach out and let them know you’d like to be withdrawn.

Process time varies across all our roles and is contingent on role availability. Process times can take 2-6 weeks from initial resume screen review.

Timing can vary and is based on role availability, there’s no single process or experience. The general process begins with an initial resume screen as roles become available. This information is then sent to recruiting teams for review, and if roles or a particular role align with your specialized skills, the recruiting team will reach out to you directly. This can take upwards of 15+ days.

Role/project matching happens after interviews are completed and a hiring committee has approved your application to move forward.

Role/project matching happens after interviews are completed and a hiring committee has approved your application to move forward.

The SolidPro Internship programme is not connected with SolidPro employment activities and there should be no expectation of such. The purpose of the internship programme is to complement an interns’ studies.

If a vacancy has been advertised and a competitive process completed. Any employment with SolidPro shall be subject to established recruitment and selection procedures. Interns and former interns are free to apply as external candidates to any vacant positions open to external candidates and for which they are qualified.

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