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  • Electric motors power much of the global economy. They are the core components of anything working with electricity, consuming approximately 50% of the power used around the world.
  • Existing motor construction and drive technology are not compatible with a handshake with Industry 4.0 requirements. The present motors have a limited operating range with high efficiency (>90%). On the other hand, the rest of the operating range is inefficient (<80%), wasting a quarter of global electricity consumption.
  • Alternative energy-efficient motor construction/technology is dependent on International raw materials (i.e., rare earth materials or specialized materials) and is difficult to procure and cope economically.
  • Sustainability can only be attained if we make the rest of our systems more efficient by reducing global power consumption which is a major theme in responding to global warming. The only solution is to derive energy-efficient motors with Better Torque, Better Speed, Less Heating, Hybrid Operations (ML / AI + CC), and Flat efficiency, thus prompting a reduction in the emission of Greenhouse gases.
  • SolidPro Innovation Team has a solution to address this complex issue. We help in achieving the NET ZER0-2050 target of Carbon emissions by building energy-efficient motors.
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Key Benefits

Innovative Solutions

Delivering objective specific solutions for industrial needs

Cost Effective

Implementing the solution with minimum possible resources and simple constructional features

Energy Savings

Resulting in lean energy consumption with our high efficiency designs

Cloud Connectivity

loT based product Monitoring, Control and Analysis which is the key for reliable operation

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Contribute to the mission of reducing carbon emissions

Sustainable Development

Join hands for a holistic and Sustainable growth

We are Changing Motor Technology

Less material usage
Minimum efficency improvement
Improvement in wide-band controllability
More torque at same current level
Less heating i.e, More life

Industry solutions

Efficient, Lean, IOT compatible

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Phase 4
Electrical Mobility
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