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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Empower your sales force with a streamlined deal-closure process facilitated by our CPQ Services , image-driven solution that prominently features CPQ capabilities, ensuring a cohesive vision from order initiation to delivery completion.
  • Experience tangible cost reductions and profit maximization benefits. Elevate your organization's operations by implementing our service , guaranteeing top-tier security, heightened productivity, and a continuous commitment to innovation.

CPQ Services

  • Understand your current processes
  • Identify pain points and areas for improvement
  • Tailor Infor CPQ to your specific needs
  • Design and develop custom product configurators
  • Enable precise product or service configurations
  • Improve accuracy in quoting and proposal generation
  • Implement CAD system integration
  • Generate 3D models, submittal drawings, and manufacturing drawings automatically
  • Reduce design time and errors 
  • Streamline the entire quoting process
  • Enhance user experience for your sales teams
  • Ensure consistent and efficient quoting
  • Streamline proposal document and specification generation
  • Offer ongoing support for issue fixes and enhancements
  • Ensure your CPQ system remains up-to-date and efficient
  • Seamlessly integrate CPQ with ERP, CRM, CAD and PLM systems
  • Enable real-time data exchange for quote and order creation
  • Achieve data consistency and accuracy
  • Infor CPQ
  • Tacton CPQ
  • Cincom CPQ
  • Salesforce CPQ

Value proposition

Tool agnostic

Collective experience 100+ years

Quick Turn around time

Expertise in multi-domain

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