Digital Transformation

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • Transform your enterprise's connectivity and productivity with SolidPro's innovative Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. Enterprise Integration Services offerings enable software applications to seamlessly integrate and provide real-time consistent view of data across channels/applications.
  • Boasting extensive cross-industry experience, SolidPro seamlessly integrates your CRM, ERP, and PLM Applications. Enable automated information exchange between applications, spanning Enterprise Resource Planning to Customer Relationship Management, with middleware applications ensuring robust data synchronization. We excel in seamlessly integrating using advanced middleware technology.

Enterprise Application Integration Services

  • Understand your current processes
  • Identify the data touch points
  • Perform the entity/field level mapping
  • Document the design and mapping
  • Design and develop interfaces using the middleware tools
  • Data transformation using the mappers
  • Integration testing between the two systems and data validation
  • Develop workflows for any business processes based on the documents received
  • Enable events to trigger notifications based on a business process status change
  • Develop business rules to enforce restriction on screens based on the workflow approvals
  • Daily monitoring of all the interfaces and ensure the data flows between the systems 
  • Offer ongoing support for issue fixes and enhancements
  • Periodic cleanup and purging of old data

Value proposition

Collective Experience 80+years

Expertise in enterprise applications

Expertise in Multi-Middleware tools

High Quality & Complete Transparency

Tools We Support

Middleware tool - Infor ION

Middleware tool - Microsoft BizTalk server

Middleware tool - SQL server integration services

Middleware tool - Custom tools using .NET




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