Software Services

Cloud Engineering Services

SolidPro takes a strategic approach to the execution of enterprise Cloud solutions.


Cloud consulting services help recognize and gain maximum value from cloud computing. SolidPro guarantees that its client's businesses benefit with all-around cloud benefits – streamlined delivery, reduced costs, high reliability, optimal performance, security, and much more. We contribute to our clients with on-demand enterprise Cloud solutions, tools, and applications such as software, storage, databases, servers, networking, and apps, among many other services. Our Cloud computing consulting services address all the challenges clients face, about a continuous transition to Cloud. SolidPro is adequately staffed with qualified resources to maintain and provide quality Cloud solutions to clients.

Benefit from Cloud Consulting

  • Reduced migration cost
  • Optimized monthly cloud costs and performance
  • High development speed
  • Reliability and recovery
  • Enhanced security


Cloud app development indicates building apps that run in the cloud and leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors.

Cloud Application Services

  • Ideation
  • Cloud App Planning
  • Business Case
  • Cloud App Development Project Planning
  • Cloud App Architecture Design
  • Cloud App UX/UI Design
  • Cloud App Development
  • Cloud App QA & Testing
  • Cloud App Support and Evolution

Cloud Application Development

  • Find the Good Candidates for Cloud Deployment.
  • Choose the Best Deployment Model
  • Focus on Deployment vs Migration
  • Plan for Changes in Application Performance
  • Latest and New Monitoring Tools for Cloud Applications

Cloud Application Advantages

  • Cost Reduction
  • Reliability
  • Ease-of-Management

Migration & Deployment

Cloud Migration & Deployment Services help ensure scalability, higher reliability, and enhanced performance.

Several businesses with online presence realize that they are losing out by holding on to legacy systems. Such old practices drag them down complicating compliance besides high costs. We assist clients take the great step forward to cloud transition and make it a seamlessly possible integration mitigating all complexity and performance issues.

A cloud-first approach helps to achieve lower visible costs, improve performance, scalability, and flexibility, and stronger security. SolidPro Team comes together to deliver tangible improvements and enhanced customer experience to address the competitiveness in today’s digitally driven business world.

Cloud Migration Process

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Planning & Pilot
  • Migration & Testing
  • Optimization

Operations & Management (Devops)

DevOps encourages realistic collaboration between IT operations personnel and software engineers. The methodology of the solutions is based on maximum optimization of development processes and continuous support.

Our DevOps engineers work with clients closely to fine-tune the delivery, development, deployment, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system using microservices architecture. We always make sure client business strategy is reinforced by high-quality software.

Our DevOps services are seamlessly integrated into the development lifecycle, increasing the productivity and efficiency of QA engineers, software engineers, and system administration specialists.

SolidPro DevOps as a Service aims to automate routine, repetitive, but critical activities and synchronize development and test environments to align all stakeholders in the software development process. The service ensures that the client’s digital business remains stable, scalable, and secure.

What we do

  • Maintaining / Developing - CI/CD systems on the cloud
  • Automation
  • Continuous Maintenance & Support
  • Monitor Application Performance
  • Tweak Infrastructure for improved response


There are several new opportunities to modernize services and transform operations provided by Cloud Services. Security and Compliance risks are barriers to the cloud. Concerns and major roadblocks to the cloud-first journey are the complexity of hybrid- and multi-cloud environments combined with a shortage of skills.

SolidPro addresses all concerns and puts its security leaders in the driving seat when it comes to making a cloud-first journey secure. We custom design to deliver better business outcomes based on customer needs.

What we do

  • Physical & Network Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Firewalls
  • Data Encryption
  • Application/API Security
  • Regulatory Compliance