Mechanical Engineering Services

Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) is concerned with new products and applied during product development. With the focus being on improving function, reducing costs, or both, by way of analysis and teamwork-based product evaluation. This takes place before any capital is invested in plant, tooling, or special equipment.

VE is very significant, because according to reports, about 80% of a product’s costs (through the remainder of its life cycle), are locked in at the design development stage. These are clear when considering the design of any product determined by the many factors, such as plant tooling, equipment, labor and skills, training costs, materials, installation, maintenance, shipping, as well as decommissioning and recycling costs. Hence, value engineering is considered a crucial activity in the product development process. It is a wise commercial investment, reflecting on its long-term benefits. SolidPro strongly recommends and helps its clients build value engineering into their new product development process. We aid clients in making their processes and product life cycles more robust and commercially competitive.

Value Analysis

Value Analysis (VA) involves streamlining the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing product. SolidPro involves its customers and helps them to analyze their current product being analyzed and evaluated by a skilled team of professionals. To reduce costs, improve product function or both SolidPro Value Analysis exercises use a plan that methodically and sequentially evaluates the product in a range of areas – including costs, function, alternative components, and design aspects for ease of manufacture and assembly.

SolidPro’s Functional Analysis forms a significant part of the VA technique. We break down the product and review its number of assemblies. Once, the function is identified and defined for each product assembly, Costs are assigned to each one. Our VE, and VA specialists perform group activities that involve brainstorming improvements and alternatives to improve the value of the product, particularly to the customer.

VA is based on products existing in the market. The reasons for value analyses on existing products are because VA reduces costs (in all areas such as materials, parts, and production), as well as improving product functionality. Consequently, the value of the product is increased and brings customer benefits. Reduction of product costs increases revenue and profit per product. It gives the company an option to reduce prices and sell more or invest in R&D.

VA enables product improvements possible in a variety of areas, such as design and engineering, material selection, manufacturing, installation, assembly, testing, shipping, use by the customer, service, maintenance, and recycling.

For many manufacturing businesses, their product range evolves over time, as a collection of solutions to address the newer needs of customers. Habitually products are developed under tight time constraints, rather than being the result of strategic planning and as a result, a wide variety of materials and parts are sourced and used. This leaves loads of scope for the rationalization of components at several stages. Value Analysis Exercise opens the door to economies of scale where negotiations are based on ordering larger quantities and focus on cost reduction.

SolidPro’s VA projects enable client’s businesses to take commercial advantage of the constantly tumbling price of certain technologies and assist in sourcing of alternative components and materials.

SolidPro’s differentiating factors help clients increase the perceived value of their product throughout its product life. This increases the prestige value of the product and makes ownership desirable, in turn helping marketing and product sales.

SolidPro VA, in conjunction with world-class standards and manufacturing techniques, helps realize substantial company-wide improvements to its clients thereby delivering a significant competitive advantage.

The Value Engineering Process

Gathering Information

SolidPro takes steps to determine the details of the project. They include - requirements, functionality, and the constraints involved in the project

Alternative Generation

On ascertaining the details of the project, SolidPro generates a list of methods and possibilities for executing the project or providing value engineering services.


All possible methods to meet the requirements of the project are evaluated and analyzed. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the best method is implemented which results in cost savings.


 Conclusively, the most rewarding method is selected and presented for customer approval and implementation.

Value Engineering Services

Engineering Design Optimization

Solidpro delivers high-quality engineering design optimization solutions. SolidPro experts help improve product design, giving you a competitive edge. We utilize simulation,3D modeling, and analysis to uncover design flaws, reduce performance risk, and improve product effectiveness.

Product Weight Reduction and Product Cost Reduction

SoldiPro uses modern tools and methodologies to optimize product design aimed at cost reduction and weight. Our state-of-the-art engineering analysis procedures validate all product designs and possibilities of design failures in the preliminary stages saving expenses incurred to time and cost.

Modular Design Approach

Solidpro uses a unique Modular design approach that increases interchangeability and complexity in engineering. Such an approach also results in a lower rate of production errors and reduced component variety in manufacturing. SolidPro team analyzes potential risks of the design and ensures complex tasks in designing are handled efficiently while reducing the cost of manufacturing.

Part/Feature Library & Configurator

Our skilled professionals bring in best practices and techniques to take care of creating multiple versions of models, library parts, and configurations to organize libraries and deliver the best setup for your existing archives. SolidPro helps clients create parts and feature libraries, freeing up valuable time that can be used to focus on core manufacturing activities.

Supplier Integration, Localization, Low-Cost Sourcing

SolidPro offers localization of the product, supplier integration services, and low-cost sourcing that effectively addresses client requirements. SolidPro Value Engineering services comply with global standards and address cost expectations, statutory regulations, and feature requirements of the new market.