Mechanical Engineering Services

Sustenance Engineering

Sustaining engineering is the technical support of products when they move to mature or later stages of the product lifecycle. As a product moves to a mature stage, products do not need transformational innovation or need to be disruptive, rather it augers incremental innovation and a steady state for standard product maintenance.

Business success depends on the robustness of its complex Industrial equipment and products. For example, they are complex, designed to solve very niche and specific industry problems, and generally deployed in harsh field conditions, and keeping them up and running is important to manage the lifecycle costs. SolidPro’s Sustenance Engineering program provides OEMs with the required support to resolve complicated challenges. We aid OEMs to convert low-performing equipment into high-performing assets, minimize capital expenses, improve equipment efficiency, and assist in enhancing resources – both man and material to develop more innovative products and systems.

There is increasing challenges and needs for astute amendment required to be quickly made available for industrial machinery to support rapid turnarounds on new improvements to products. In conditions where customers are confronted with a problem related to the assignment of their Engineering services requirements or New Product Development - SolidPro leaps to sort their issues. We are focused and help all our clients face challenging objectives & timelines, to address their older versions and improvise swiftly without cutting corners to all their paying customers. SolidPro’s Sustenance Engineering Services support in providing the essential balance with multiple combinations of

  • Customization of product
  • Minor Enhancement of future
  • Product Update
  • Support

Key Features / Benefits

  • Complete product sustenance – hardware & software.
  • Product stability & performance improvements.
  • Design Due Diligence and Functional Evaluation.
  • Scheduled releases with feature enhancements.
  • Validation and Verification of changes before release.
  • Testing Automation towards reduced release cycle time.
  • In-house Manufacturing facility.