Mechanical Engineering Services

Special Purpose Machines

End to end Solution of Special Purpose Machines


SolidPro fully understands that forming the initial construct of a product is usually time-consuming, and sometimes a frustrating experience with associated risks. We therefore collaborate and work closely with our clients providing them world class support by enhancing their capability to churn out new product ideas into reality. We aid in integrating their processes and efforts, provide them with real-time feedback, ideas and suggestions that stimulate focusing their energies to produce best possible product design by providing the following services

  • Product conceptualization
  • Identification of product functionality and features
  • SWOT analysis
  • Product localization
  • Requirement gathering and fixing

Concept Validation and Prototyping

Our team of expert engineers help you with accurate virtual rapid prototyping services. The major advantages of virtual rapid prototyping are

  • Helps to speed up the product development cycle
  • Helps to develop a highly competitive product
  • The quality of the design produced is top-notch

We Also Help Clients With the Following Services

  • Digital prototyping through scan data
  • Reverse engineering techniques
  • Simulated testing
  • Simulated checks such as first-article, in-process, pre-shipment
  • Prototyping reports and documentation

Detailed Design Analysis & Detailed Engineering

SolidPro is rated to be amongst the top detailed engineering design companies that understand what the client needs are and listen to them carefully, before providing them with customization / solutions. Our team of highly skills and experienced mechanical engineers are well-qualified in the use of advanced engineering design services. Our data analysis in mechanical engineering process includes the following steps

Detailed - Requirement Gathering – to fully understand the requirements and challenges the client/s face.

Precise Drafting – to put in place a solution that addresses generic and specific needs and challenges of our client/s seeking their consent and approval.

Meticulous Engineering Design - A detailed engineering design as per the client needs  Thorough QC Testing - We perform comprehensive QC tests to identify and mitigate bugs and potential concerns that could exist in the detailed engineering design services

 Methodical Reporting - We provide step-by-step insight furnishing perfect overview of the processes to help you understand the effort involved into the detailed engineering design services

Manufacturing & Machine Building

Decades of hands-on experience combined with distinctive knowledge in machining operations, exquisite skills, and agility of advanced technology at disposal in the sphere of manufacturing technologically has enabled us to design and develop precision engineered array of Special Purpose Machines for several industrial purposes.

SolidPro manufactured SPM’s use optimum grade raw material and sophisticated technologies. Our range of SPM’s are high in demand with clients, owing to their remarkable characteristics such as rugged construction, corrosion resistant finish, excellent performance, low maintenance, reliability, and durability. We can handle the intricate nature and scope of your project, at any phase of the project and provide assistance, including.

  • Welding and fabricating of the base or frame
  • Machining of component parts
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Procurement of raw materials and commercially available components
  • Secondary processes such as plating and anodizing
  • Painting and specialty finishing
  • Complete mechanical assembly
  • Plumbing of any associated pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Wiring of main control cabinets, including PLC wiring and operator stations
  • Debugging, testing and checkout
  • Final skidding, crating, and shipping

Testing & Design validation

SolidPro Design validation process ensures the quality of designed product. We conform to user specifications and requirements. Our Special Purpose Machine (SPM) designers and Manufacturers produce tailor-made machine tools as dictated by clients and we support our customers with Validation of these machines both - Analytically and Physically.

Our Analytical methods include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms and Free-Body Diagram. While the Physical testing includes deflection measurements, strain gauging, vibration testing, measuring fluid flow parameters, temperature measurement, accelerated durability testing and frequency response measurements.

SolidPro’s Virtual design validation simplifies the Conventional process and requires only a 3D CAD Model to validate the product's mechanical resistance, durability, natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling instabilities.

Design validation On SPM is Done To Achieve the Following

  • Accelerated new product development cycle
  • Reduced prototyping costs through Virtual Testing
  • Improved product quality and performance
  • Ensured reliability and safety standards
  • Reduced risk by identifying hotspots in design
  • Moulding/casting defects identification, weight reduction and load carrying capacity determination
  • Vibration reduction in embodiment and other machine modules like pneumatic and hydraulic systems, power packs, etc.

Design Validation Benefits

  • Design first time right
  • Virtual testing at early stage of design process
  • Reduced time consumption and costly prototyping
  • Design optimization and alternatives to offset the material cost
  • Study different alternatives
  • Performance improvement of complex mechanisms
  • Drop testing of handheld components
  • Instant compliance checks for safety
  • Optimized design for size, weight, and efficiency

What we Offer

  • In-house design and manufacturing expertise
  • Digital engineering design services for concepts and production drawings
  • Detailed documentation of all aspects of the design
  • Concept validation and prototyping
  • Manufacture, assembly, and full functional testing
  • Installation and commissioning, technology training
  • Machine and operator manuals developed specifically for SPMs
  • Industry-specific training and operator manual development