Mechanical Engineering Services

Program Management

SolidPro experts work with clients to execute complex program management services. We help mitigate Program Management risks, reduce costs, manage stakeholders, evaluate contractors, and control and scale resources.

Program Management

SolidPro deploys a structured and established process with its team of experienced professionals for Program Management. We ensure that we engage with our clients with the most appropriate guidance and risk mitigation strategies all the while ensuring that projects align with strategic objectives, cost, business goals, and overall organizational objectives.

Our expertise

  • Implementation, Execution, and benefits realization
  • Design and establish program management
  • Governance Structures and Guidelines
  • Implementation of management tools and governance
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of ongoing program
  • Staffing resources for Program Management e.g. program manager, change manager, program office
  • Training workshops 

Project Management

SolidPro’s seasoned experts bring along proficiency in Project Planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, risk mitigation, and resolutions. We implement proven methodologies, techniques, tools, and templates for client success.

Change Management

SolidPro’s agent’s effective listening, clear communication, and impactful change strategies deploy processes along with digital technologies and automation. We help clients and adopt change to drive efficiency and effectiveness with impactful organizational change Management.

Business Analysis

SolidPro’s practitioners are adept in leveraging best practices, accurate processes, industry benchmarking, and top-class analysis to achieve key business objectives for Business process analysis and decomposition.

How We Can Help

  • Risk transformation
  • Customer experience
  • Strategy consulting
  • Internal audit
  • Change management

Why Choose Solidpro


SolidPro’s PMI-based program is tailored to individual projects to optimize efficiency irrespective of pure agile, waterfall, or a combination of both.


Meticulous planning by SolidPro experts prioritize steps based on resource availability, technical recommendations, and strategic objectives and always focus on the progress of the project with the team of project stakeholders.


SolidPro team inculcates a collaborative approach that adapts to change spreading a culture of collective success.

Commitment & Accountability

SolidPro experts take ownership of tasks maintain accountability through different key milestones and keep projects on track for the benefit of client interests.

Feedback Mechanism

Our constructive criticism and continuous feedback systems keep the team morale high. We promote progressive discussions and build a continuous pipeline of improvements ultimately satisfying all expectations of stakeholders.

Sustainable Approach

Long-term sustainability of change is guaranteed with SolidPro's solid practices and assures return on technology investments.