Mechanical Engineering Services

Drafting And Detailed Engineering Services

SolidPro understands very well what client requirements are and carefully evaluates before solution customization. It’s highly skilled and dedicated team of mechanical engineers are well-qualified in the use of advanced engineering design services propelling it to be a leading engineering design company working with few of the Fortune 1000 clients globally.

3D Modelling & Drafting Services

Once you outsource 3D modelling services to SolidPro, India – you can be rest assured that our skilled resources will help you save significant time and cost. Our committed team of qualified engineers, CAD designers, managers, analysts, and draftsmen, assure to provide dedicated work on your project. We seamlessly communicate with clients to create drafts, and make amendments quickly till the final desired quality is achieved

Our 3D Modelling and Drafting Solutions Include

  • CAD Drafting & CAD Drawing
  • CAM Design and Drafting services
  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Computer Animation
  • 3D Architectural Rendering and Visualization
  • Product Designing
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Mechanical and Electronic Drawings and Presentations, Architectural Drafting Services
  • Layout and Interior Design Drawings
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, and Production Layouts
  • Exploded and Top-down Assembly Drawings
  • Patent Submission Drawings
  • Translation or Conversion from 2D Drawings to 3D Drawings
  • Format conversion
  • Remodelling, resizing, and scaling of legacy drawings

2D Drafting Services

At SolidPro accuracy of the drafts and drawings is taken very seriously. We resolute belief and value systems enable us to deliver high accuracy, clean, and easy to understand results to our clients. We are pioneers in providing solutions such as

  • Corrections to the existing 2D drafts involving changes in manufacturing details and the materials used.
  • Manufacturing drawings and 2D drafts using reverse engineering methodology of existing components.
  • (ECR) - Engineering Change Request/li>
  • Exploded views of an assembly.
  • (BOM) - Bill of Material
  • 2D Details from the 2D assemblies.
  • Orthographic, perspective projections, axonometric from 3D models.

SolidPro is well equipped with required skills and expertise to provide our clients with the following services in addition from the above-mentioned services

  • Drafting Support for Retail Space Planners
  • Interior Design CAD Drafting
  • Millwork Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Construction or Work Drawings
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Preliminary Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings

2D Drafting Tools We Leverage

By means of some the latest and advanced 2D drafting tools SolidPro’s skilled designers can create, edit, and share accurate technical drawings and layouts.

Few tools we leverage include, but is not limited to the following

Reverse Engineering Services

Major expenses may arise as customers might need OEM replacement parts that are no longer available or are extremely difficult to find. This might lead to line stoppage or even force the purchase of a new machine – forcing customers to alter their production processes.

SolidPro is committed to solving such challenging problems for our customers. We have developed our unique reverse engineering services which empower us to reproduce replacement parts in a cost-effective and timely manner. With just a sample of the broken or worn part, we can produce a replacement part that performs like the original.

Reverse engineering encompasses the extraction of existing design information and using it to recreate the machine part. The reverse engineering process produces a high-quality part that performs to the same standards as an OEM replacement part when executed accurately. In most cases, reverse-engineered machine parts are less expensive than the original OEM alternative.

SolidPro’s reverse engineering services utilize advanced FaroArm 3D scanning reverse engineering technology. It is a highly intuitive and portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that enables to perform accurate 3D inspections of the parts. Detailed measurement of the part’s surface form is possible with FaroArm’s robust scanning capabilities. SolidPro uses the detailed data obtained from inspection to replicate the design and create 3D models using CAD drawings to generate a fully functioning part that meets the client’s performance expectations.

Documents for Forthcoming Production Projects are available with the Reverse Engineering Process

Engineering data we obtain during the FaroArm measuring process is documented with the appropriate tolerances and quoted in advance for future projects. This enables us to fill new parts orders efficiently and quickly whenever needed, thus making our reverse engineering services not just “one-off” parts production projects.

We have been catering to the needs of engineering clients for over 18 years. We fully understand each client's requirements with ease. Our internal library of database contains thousands of custom machine parts drawings which are ready for immediate use. You will have peace of mind of knowing that your production lines will experience minimal disruptions due to an unexpected machine part failure.

A few key reversal engineering services we offer include

Drawing & Modelling Services

SolidPro team has the required skills to create relevant drawings and models required for a project in any desired format along with requisite experience working with the latest engineering tools and technologies.

Part Scanning Services

The team at SolidPro has adequate skills and proficiency to provide you with part scanning services including CMM, CGI,3D laser, etc.


SolidPro’s - Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) and Computer-Aided Verification services ensure that it improve the production process of the client company guaranteeing constant and precise material and dimension consistency.

Benchmarking Services

SolidPro’s professional services monitor the changes to a part over its lifecycle. We ensure that the part undergoes improved future designs, better maintenance, and better forecasting of failure and reliability.

Detailed Part Specifications

SolidPro’s professional team provides clients with precise specifications of the part which allow the client to know exactly what they have and will be needed in the future.

Our team has a cumulative experience of over 18 years in building engineering drawings, 3D and 2D models, and digitization which is a clear distinction over other engineering companies. Our accuracy of engineering strictly follows process protocol for the different parts of the product.

SolidPro Also Provides the Following Services to Clients

  • Detailed Dimensional/Geometric Analysis
  • Material and Surface Analysis
  • Electronic and Electrical Analysis
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Manufacturability Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • (DFMA) - Designs for Manufacturing and Assembly Analysis
  • 2D and 3D Drawings

CAD Conversion

SolidPro ensures that we deliver accurate services within the specified timeframe and follow a streamlined CAD conversion process while delivering quality services to our engineering clients. Important process steps include

Requirement Analysis

We meet clients to analyze their requirements, and the desired format, and provide them with a quote within 24 hours. 


Once the client approves the quote, we begin with the CAD conversion process, carefully converting the files and drawings into the desired format.

Regular Reviews

We regularly keep the client updated with every information of the project and constantly work towards improving the files through consistent reviews and feedback.

Quality Check

We welcome any kind of revisions that may be needed and ensure that clients are completely satisfied at the end of the project.

Final Delivery

We deliver the final drawings to the client in the desired format after all quality checks are complete

CAD Migration Services

We help migrate your existing drawings from one format to another in a quick turnaround time and cost-effectively. We offer trial engagement to clients for a pre-defined number of hours at highly discounted prices. Our migration services deal with software like SolidWorks, Solidworks ePDM, CREO, Inventor, and Inventor Vault. A few key services include

Migration to SolidWorks

Whether you choose to migrate the entire model or just individual parts, we help you to complete your designs faster. SolidPro provides definite solutions to migrate existing drawings to SolidWorks format and help you with

  • CATIA V4/V5 to SolidWorks
  • Assemblies & Large Files to SolidWorks
  • Feature-based Translation to SolidWorks

CATIA V4 to V5 Migration

Skilled SolidPro Engineers proficiently redraw scanned drawings of clients ensuring that we follow your standards of color-coding, textures, layers, styles, dimensions, etc. Our team helps you with the accurate conversion of your existing raster drawings into vector or CAD formats.

CAD To Revit Migration

With the help of Revit migration services, clients can calculate all the mathematical calculations using algorithms. Revit conversion may sound simple, but it requires specialists who are trained and can carefully convert existing files into the desired format. SolidPro excellence will prove to be the right choice.

Data Migration to Neutral Standards

Sharing of data is made easier with all collaborators and subcontractors as the SolidPro team helps with data migration to any neutral standards.

Other CAD Conversion Services

SolidPro services cover all - blueprints, paper drawings, and files from other CAD software platforms and ensure the migration of

  • The geometry of parts/assemblies
  • Design information as material, part attributes, features, etc.
  • Relationship of components with other parts, assemblies, and subassemblies
  • Integrating relationships with other systems in the company with CAD data
  • Life cycle management systems or Relationship with product data
  • Legacy CAD data migration
  • Migration to latest CAD systems (E.g. CATIA V4 toV5, CATIA V5 to V4)
  • Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform

Software Competencies

SolidPro team has the expertise of working with different CAD software such as