Electrical ,Electronics and Embedded

Hardware Engineering

Solidpro offers a variety of engineering services and consulting for hardware design and development. We understand how technical risk and time-to-market pressure can place challenging demands on designers, therefore we are dedicated to helping you be successful. Our engineers can provide turn-key product and system development taking a project to a working prototype and later, doing design transfer to a mass production solution.

Our Capabilities

Hardware Design Development

  • System Architecture Design
  • Mixed Signal Circuit Designs
  • Schematics Development and Simulation
  • Part Stress and De-Rating Analysis
  • Loading Analysis
  • Board Bring up and Design Verification Testing
  • FMEA Analysis
  • Pre-Compliance Testing

Embedded Firmware Development

  • Firmware Architecture Design
  • MCU Firmware Development
  • Protocol Stack Development
  • BSP Development and Board Bring-up Testing
  • Device Driver Development
  • Bootloader Development/Porting
  • Embedded Firmware and Application SW Development
  • Porting of Applications to RTOS
  • UX/UI Design

PCB Layout Designs

  • Stack-up Analysis
  • Multilayer and Mixed Signal PCB Layout Designs
  • DFA And DFM Analysis
  • Pre and Post-SI Analysis
  • Flexible, Rigi-Flexible PCB Designs
  • Thermal Analysis
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly Support

System Testing

  • Design Validation Testing
  • Regulatory and Environmental Testing
  • EN61010, EN6000-4-X, CE, UL, FCC

We Serve for

  • Video equipment
  • High-speed communications
  • Telecommunication
  • High-end consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Industrial, test & measurement
  • Medical

Our Commitment


We are creative and dependable with a history of reliable performance on all developments, products, systems, and services. SolidPro assures confidentiality and lives up to promises placed with clients, safeguarding their interests while providing assured results as a trusted partner.


SolidPro is the most trusted go-to partner, for all our clients wanting to be competitive and for those in the space of R&D and innovation looking for shorter time-to-market strategies. We deliver validated proof of concept readied in the shortest turnaround with authentic prototypes guaranteeing timely results making it attractive for investors and customers.


SolidPro facilitates the transmission of information seamlessly and with precision through all its processes. We listen carefully and respect different opinions building bridges of dependable relationships with all stakeholders. Our clients are well informed at every stage of development, making it easy to share experiences, and needs amongst all. Team members – both, remote and in-house stay connected crisply and clearly with absolute transparency with our systematic communication protocol.


We emphasize long-term strategic partnerships caring about client business and its growth. SolidPro’s culture of willingly being cooperative with clients to deliver measurable results, and being accessible, flexible, communicative, and transparent focuses on long-term and trustworthy partnerships. We are very serious about our stake of ownership to committed goals with our clients. We aid clients improve their business models by delivering quality products and assisting them in managing their end objective efficiently generating goodwill and incomes.