Electrical,Electronics and Embedded

Firmware Engineering

SolidPro has developed as a leading Firmware development company over the years for embedded applications. Our skilled and capable team offer the most optimal embedded software solution for application specific client requests. We also specialize in providing embedded firmware services for a variety of devices without high-level OS such as Linux or Windows

Embedded Firmware Development

Our team works with (ROM, OTP/PROM, & PLA structures), - high-level firmware and low-level firmware, along with subsystems to impact numerous embedded systems and programming components for every kinds of embedded devices

Embedded Firmware Integrations

SolidPro’s superior firmware integrations are compatible with all global companies Microprocessors & hardware from Qualcomm, ARM, Intel, NVIDIA, Altera Design Services Network, Marvell, Freescale, RHOBH, Texas Instruments and NXP

Embedded Firmware Programming

Architecture optimization, chip bring-up, (BIST/POST) - built-in/power-on self-tests along with memory and BSP layer programming for board bring-up, boot loaders, and device drivers are the few post-silicon validations that SolidPro performs for its clients with their Embedded Firmware Programming

RTOS Development

SolidPro’s experienced firmware developers with extensive real-time operating systems (RTOS) skills, specifically designed to enhance OS response time and speed, work closely with the clients requirements for RTOS development

ROS Development

Our ROS – Robot Operating System suites framework is designed as a collection of robotics software frameworks to build, maintain and expand robotics capabilities in short time spans for client benefits

Non-OS Embedded Firmware

SolidPro’s Engineers are capable of developing and enabling the non-OS-based embedded firmware to run set of tasks in an infinite loop with embedded-C applications without using an operating system. This brings a lot of flexibility and ease of doing business for clients

Legacy Firmware Migration

Legacy Firmware Migration is a SolidPro specialization where we accomplish firmware migration from one MCU vendor to another. We have closely monitored processes and dedicated teams that ensure design portability, including that of peripheral features and unique programming model

Custom Firmware Solutions for IoT & Consumer Electronics

Custom-made firmware solutions and comprehensive solutions from SolidPro allow clients to tailor, regulate and control their IoT devices and equipment. Our centralized embedded IoT system gather & process sensor data and connect their devices with ease for operations

Linux Kernel Development

SolidPro’s professional Linux Kernel developers are capable to help interface client device with other IT infrastructure components and assist to extend current device’s memory, optimize CPU usage, and manage peripherals

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

Allowing RTOS and/or Linux to function on any customized gadget or hardware device is made possible with SolidPro's BSP firmware, device drivers, libraries, and applications

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Development

SolidPro’s Machine Learning capabilities and algorithms identify patterns in an equipment’s performance with data. Our DSP experts specialize to detect objects within camera feeds and clean up audio noises

Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) Development

Our tailored operating systems built using AOSP is installed either on macOS or Linux devices and apply modifications to the source code to allow chosen purposes

Network Connectivity

Post testing your boards, we offer IoT device network connectivity, enabling your IoT devices to network with a mobile app via Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRaWAN, or 5g/4g/LTE

Device Driver Development

Our highly skilled developers build device drivers designed to drive peripherals within IoT devices, including LEDs, actuators, sensors, buzzers, timers, buttons, and more

Our Approach to Firmware Development


We analyse hardware solution to choose most suitable firmware architecture pattern, eliminate OS overheads, encounter power consumption and latency requirements


While building a firmware, besides the technological aspects we explore every possible economic factor that affect cost of deploying, maintaining, and/or extending our technology solution for the long run


We provide an elaborate range of Quality Assurance services (PCB assembly testing, signal firmware, integrity analysis, debugging and low-level software testing etc.) ensuring only secure and clean code makes it to production