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The process of product development from the concept to the final product in the market is based on a time-tested formula used in most companies in all industries. The formula varies according to the type of situation they are used in, but all variants help in different types of product development. There are different stages to this entire process, which can start from the initial stage to a higher state inside a product development facility. Here are the different phases of product development.

The concept

In this stage, the company discusses and decides a new concept for a product. Whether it is redesigning the old product or introducing a new one, it is documented and finalized at the entire team’s presence. The ai of these meetings is to have an idea as clear as possible before approaching a product development company.

The discovery

In this stage, the company discusses the idea with the product development company to find out how feasible the idea is and how much detail it requires. The product development company must understand the concept properly to develop an accurate prototype for the client. They also estimate the cost of production in this stage, which the client will have to pay.

The Preliminary design

In this stage, the engineers create a preliminary model of the product based on their details in the discovery stage. The preliminary design confirms that the product will work before the engineers can proceed to apply details to the parts. This is the stage that processes most of the designing and development of the product. The engineering drawings are documented and are ready to be given to the client for the review. By the end of this stage, both the client and the engineers should be clear about how the final product will look. Any tweaks and changes are to be discussed with the engineers in this phase.

The Critical design

The product gets the necessary detailing at this stage. If any changes are required after the preliminary stage, they are to be fixed in this stage before the detailing starts. Once the designing and detailing is complete, the document is sent to the manufacturing house with a quote for the client’s production.

The build

In this stage, the product design is completed, and the parts are assembled together. Any problems with the assembly are fixed at this stage. There can be bugs in the design which need to be fixed for the right parts placement. Final alignments are made, and a fully built prototype is sent to the customer for testing.

The Testing

Based on the complexity of the product’s design and functionality, the engineers run one last test to check if the product works. Various factors are considered while testing the product, including how it will be projected in the market and how people will receive it.

The Beta

In the Beta stage, the product is released in the market in a limited quantity to be reviewed for practicality and innovation. The above stages are repeated again and again during the beta phase to bug out any problems that still exist before the company is ready to fully release their product in the market.